Monday, October 26, 2009

Your Rice

i remember one of my islamic studies teachers told me that every single thing that is your rizq (earnings, profit, wealth) will come to you some how in some way, and that Allah wills for it to be your rizq from before it comes into existence...

she explained that even rice when it grows on a stalk somewhere in some other country has your name written on it...then after it's picked, packaged, shipped, bought, cooked and think it's your plate of rice...
but the ones that spill off the edge and end up on the floor never belonged to you...they didn't have your name on it

out there in the world there are things that belong to you that will come your way when it is time...and right now on your plate or in your wallet there are things you might think are yours...but they're just not :-/

Subhanallah wa Alhamdullilah