Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"You're completely bonkers, but let me tell you a secret; all the best people are."
-Alice in Wonderland

i LOVE this quote..'s so true..
those people who question social norms, enjoy learning and new and different experiences..and who just don't follow the herd...even if respected, are looked at as socially awkward or some kind of weird or different...

Recently some french Muslims came to the US and I got to spend some time with them...
they told me how in France there is this general dislike towards religion and religious people.
All religious people, regardless of which faith, are seen as backwards, superstitious...i guess somewhat insane, people.

They liked how here in the US we generally have a 'You do your thing and I'll do my thing' mentality..
one of the students said "That's all we want; if only we had just that!"

Thanks America for letting me be my own kind of socially awkward!

Some Random thing I wrote years ago just because I had a green pen I really liked in
my hand...I'm sure everyone understands what I mean...

Dear people...
I am completely insane...100%. probably are too, but are not willing to admit it..
..we all get mad so often...isn't getting mad the same as going mad?
The british are in denial, but they are slowly catching up...
...the noises are coming back...they're forcing me to think...
until my next lapse into reality...


  1. 'isn't getting mad the same as going mad?'
    tres interessante.

    ..and yes, people who have made change have historically been ostracized

  2. oh I love the French Muslim people mA :D