Monday, May 17, 2010


Bagh-e-Firdous (the Garden of Firdous)
in Alexandria, VA
Firdous = highest level of paradise

this is the cemetery my grandmother is buried at...Allah Yarhamuha

when we go to visit her grave we also go past the other graves and pray for them as well....i always look at the years on the plaques and gravestones...some of them were just kids...

i recall dramatic stories i heard from the of the boy who didn't listen to his mother and stormed out of the house which made his mother 'bad dwa' (to make a bad dua/supplication) him...and then on his way home he died in a horrible car accident, after which the mother blamed herself and went insane...

then i make dua they are at peace and hope that the angels will say Amin for me...

May Allah give us and them all Jannatul Firdous

Subhanallah...i still catch myself saying 'when i grow up...'
i'm turning 23 at the end of the another 23 years i'll be 46...
i can barely recall the past 23 years of my life...where will the next 23 go?

This earthly life no one retrieves
He enters once and once he leaves
So do not spurn
Your first and only turn

The water bubble you should pay
Attention to, if your own days
You wish to count
They come to that amount

-Rahman Baba
"Love Divine"

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