Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tales From the Battle of the Popals

The war started over dishes.

A woman said to another "I will wash the dishes!"

The other said "No! Do not shame me! I will wash the dishes!"

The first, obviously offended, shook her head and reached for a dish.
The other quickly reached for another and ran for the soap and sponge.

The first, in a rush of anger, and the other, also full of rage, both exclaimed at once
"By Allah I will wash ALL these dishes!"

The ladies of the tribe all gasped at the oaths that had been taken.
Who would wash the dishes, and who would die trying?


note: It is tradition in the Pashtun culture for guests to try to wash the dishes of the one who has invited them. Even if they don't really want to...they still pretend like they do...
They will say things like "no no no...do you think i am old? is that why you won't let me wash them?"
Much oath making takes place..usually on things they shouldn't make oaths over (Quran, their expensive dishes, their children's heads)
Eventually one overcomes the other, usually by swearing by Allah.
Then the one who washes dishes listens to the other say things like "I can't believe you are washing them...sister you have shamed me, I swear you have...tsk tsk tsk...ok now you've done enough...i swear you have...ok just let me do these...you go sit and have tea...go! go!

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